Winter charm out of ice and snow

In winter, the Breitachklamm close to Oberstdorf turns into a fairy tale landscape blanketed by snow and ice. Dazzling icicles, mighty ice curtains, frozen waterfalls and magical caves will captivate your heart and soul.

Enter a winter wonderland you have never seen before. The resounding and moving Breitachklamm of summer transforms in winter into a bizarre, mystic and glistening winter world. Experience frozen waterfalls and impressive ice formations unthinkable to the human mind.

Just a ray of sunlight...

...turns this landscape into gleaming crystal world.


Experience the winter charm of the Breitachklamm during a torch-lit hike in the darkened night. The glow from the fire reveals translucent snow formations which cast exquisite shadows: truly an unforgettable adventure.

Winter charm in the Breitachklamm

Magic out of ice and snow
Frozen waterfalls
Sparcling ice formations
A world out of ice
Torch-lit hike through the Breitachklamm
Mighty ice curtains
Winter charme in the glow of the fire
Romantic winter ambiance
Torch-lit hike in the darkened night
Winter charme