Flower impressions
Flower impressions
Hiking break at the Breitach
Hiking break at the Breitach
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Wild romantic Breitachal

Parking – restaurant Breitachklamm – entrance valley – Breitachklamm – entrance mountain – restaurant Waldhaus - Riezlern

Starting point of the hiking tour is the parking area of the Breitachklamm in Tiefenbach. From there, the path winds through the gorge, along side the steep stone walls and swooshing water. At the end of the gorge follow the sign towards Riezlern. On the way to Riezlern, you have the possibility to make a stop at the Waldhaus (Foresthouse) restaurant, which is romantically situated. For your convenience, you can take the bus back to Oberstdorf from Riezlern.

In winter the path to Riezlern is also accessible.

Duration:2 1/2 hours
Length:7.75 kilometers or 4.8 miles
Altitude difference:260 meters or 853 feet
Level of difficulty:Average
Path conditions:Asphalt and gravel

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