Summer-Adventure Breitachklamm

Experience the fascinating Breitachklamm on well-maintained and secured paths. During warm summer days, shady trees and the coolness of the wild water make the Breitachklamm a truly refreshing adventure.

Feel the power of the water - listen to the swoosh - marvel at the deep canyons with ground water basins and fascinating shapes which the water, with its enormous power, has cut into the stone over the years.


If you walk through the Breitachklamm, not only look down over the captivating water expansion, but also take time to see what looms above. You will be enthralled by exciting and abstract stones and tree formations far over your head.

Summer in the Breitachklamm

Natural monument Breitachklamm
A nature experience for young and old alike
Natural wonder Breitachklamm
Look forward to deep insights
The Breitach on its way through the gorge
Abstract tree formations
Deepest rocky gorge in middle Europe
Outlook from the mountain entrance
Flower impressions
Rock face
A natural momument of 10,000 years
Fascinating water spectacle
The river Breitach cuts its way
Unique natural monument
Mystical stone formations
Walk through the Breitachklamm
Experience the Breitachklamm
Swooshing water
Walking-tour through the Breitachklamm
Deepest gorge of middle Europe